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yarram / devon north wind farm project

The Yarram wind farm was Synergy Wind's first project in Australia. The 14 MW site received development approval in December 2007.

The project site lies within the district of the Wellington Shire Council. It is in the partly cleared foothills of the range of mountains that overlook the southern coast of eastern Victoria between Foster and Port Albert. The site is approximately 20 km inland from the coast; it has an excellent wind regime because of its elevation and proximity to the strong coastal wind resource. 

The closest township, Yarram, is 10 km to the south-east. An existing 66 kV sub-transmission line lies about 8 km south-east of the site.


Photomontage of the 14-MW wind farm project near Yarram.

Please refer to the following pages for further information regarding the Yarram wind farm project:

» planning and technical documents » for all documents submitted to Wellington Shire Council with the development application.

» development approval history » for a list of activities and communication regarding the approval process.