Community Participation

There are a number of ways for communities to support and get involved in the growth of Renewable Energy in Australia:

Community Support

If you would like to support having renewable energy projects in your area – be they wind, solar, geothermal etc – there are a number of ways to do this:

  • let your local Council know that you would support such projects being in your area
  • let the Member of Parliament for your area know that renewable energy has your support
  • talk to your neighbours, friends and community leaders about your support for renewables
  • join local groups and attend events that support renewable energy
  • join Community Fund Committees that are established by project owners and help decide
    where best to put the funds made available to the community
  • make submissions to the Community Fund Committees for projects that should receive funding

Investment in the Industry

If you have the time, interest and financial capability you can get involved in Renewable energy projects by:

  • creating and developing your own renewable energy project. From solar panels on the roof to large scale wind farms, every little bit helps.
  • participating in the development of projects. If you don’t have the time or resources to do it by yourself, talk it over with a friend or two. Hepburn Wind is a community wind farm project and a great example of what can be done if people really embrace an idea.
  • invest in projects or companies that support the change to renewable energy. Advisory groups like the ASICs Money Smart, the Responsible Investment Association Australia and Market Forces can help you invest your superannuation or savings in ethical investments such as renewable energy projects.

Hosting Wind Turbines and Solar Farms

If you would like to support the growth of renewable energy in Australia and own land in a suitable location, you may be able to host wind turbines or solar panels.
While many people will benefit indirectly from the clean electricity and economic growth brought about by developing renewable energy projects, landowners can benefit directly. Once in operation, supplementary income is received annually through lease arrangements with the project operator for each megawatt of capacity or related infrastructure that is installed on the land. This annual supplementary income provides a stable addition to the landowners’ income and helps counteract any swings of commodity prices and can even “drought-proof” the farm.
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Working in the Industry

The Renewable Energy Industry is a growing industry and will be greatly effected by the carbon reduction targets supported by State and Federal Governments. The Climate Council believes that a target of 50% renewables by 2030 would create 28,000 jobs nationally.
Many different types of people and skillsets are required to develop and construct renewable energy projects, including:

  • Professional Services – Legal, Financial, Engineering (Structural, Mechanical, Electrical), Town Planning, Environmental and Geotechnical
  • Transportation Services – Shipping, Receiving Port, Customs, Stevedoring Services, Storage, Road & Rail Transport
  • Construction Services – Project Managers, Hoisting and Craneage, Civil Works, Electrical Works, Quarrying, Fencing, Temporary site accommodation
  • Ancillary Services – Accommodation, Security, Maintenance, Event planning and facilities, Tourism